Did you know that the human being is one of the few animals that sleeps once a day? The rest of them alternate phases of sleep and wakefulness throughout the day. According to the researchers, primitive man also did it, but they were abandoning that custom to adapt to faster and faster rhythms of life, thus losing the benefits that the siesta provides to our health.

Napping prevents heart disease, because when you sleep, the growth hormone, which stimulates the immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, helps repair muscles and lose weight. In addition, napping reduces blood pressure, increases concentration, improves reflexes and mood.

To enjoy a nap in good in conditions, it is necessary to take into account some advice:

It is best to rest after meals, between 1 and 5 p.m., the most drowsy period, and when circadian rhythms suffer a fall, it is precisely between 3 and 5 p.m. in the afternoon.

The perfect siesta should last between 20-40 minutes, enough to get a deep sleep and to have a good wake-up, taking away the previous sensation of fatigue.

Ideally, looking for a comfortable place, with pleasant temperature, in a quiet environment that favors restful sleep. We can take advantage of the summer to enjoy a nap in front of the sea, comfortably lying in a Balinese bed, listening to the sound of the waves. Because it is no longer necessary to go to Bali to relax in one of these outdoor beds, in a cozy and exotic atmosphere, just come along the beach of Punta Prima, where we have our Balinese beds on the beach.

In conclusion, napping is essential for those who need a little relaxation, lessen stress and anxiety. This time of rest is not a waste of time, but rather the opposite, because it helps us to be more effective and productive during the rest of the day, ensuring a healthier life.