Take care of our beach, it takes care of your leisure time

beaches are one of the most precious treasures that nature offers us; swimming, walking along the shore, have fun with friends, family or just relax on the sand are pleasures that we can only enjoy on the beach. Many times it is not given the value it has, and in many other do not take care of this environment as it deserves.

Laziness, to think that the beach care and cleaning is responsibility of each town hall or the lack of awareness in this field, are factors which decrease the quality of our beaches, its value and the damage of its image.

We have at our disposal a natural paradise which takes care of our leisure time. It is a fact that in many coasts of other European countries a fee is charged for access to the same; in Spain, we have the best beaches and totally for free, more than valuable reasons to treat them as the treasure they are.

General recommendations

The conservation of our beaches depends to a large extent on the behavior of users and visitors; so we must be respectful a environment as sensitive as this. take out the trash or collect all the waste are the main indications to take into account every time we visit any coastal area, other guidelines might be:

  • Use bags ashtray to prevent cigarette butts from reaching the sea, being these the most found on beaches all around the world.
  • Please do not enter into the sea poor quality plastic toys or with accessories which are not well bonded, this type of elements significantly degrade the environmental quality of our coasts.
  • Do not throw contaminants fluids; have to be aware of the importance of not to leave trash in the sea, sand or rocks, this kind of substances tend to be the most detrimental to the water.
  • Save water whenever we use the beach showers; know that it is the most valuable natural resource we have and we must not waste it.
  • Support and share on your social networking campaigns for the care and responsible use of our coastal areas.

Moreover, you can take part as a volunteer in conservation programs of beaches and coasts. There are organizations, not only public institutions, which promote programs of cleaning, care and maintenance of coastal areas. Chiringuitos del sol is one of the participating more actively in these tasks (Campaign for beach lovers, recycling workshop for children, Campaign for a free trash beach …And a long etc); being awarded as “Chiringuito Responsable 2016”, getting the Q for tourist quality or establishing themselves as one of the main champions for the qualification of the beaches of Orihuela as “excellent”.