st patrick day

St. Patrick’s Day, a Rich in history day

Saint Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland, and each 17 march commemorates the death of Patrick (17 March 461), patron  and saint of Ireland; great parades in which everything filling up with green colors, being  one of the most celebrated festivals throughout the world.

History and Origins

Saint Patrick was born in 387ac in Kilpatrick (Scotland). Soon of an officer in the Roman army, Irish pirates took him prisoner to the 16 years old, selling him as a slave. He spent six years in Ireland, after which he managed to break free, emigrating to France; there  he was prepared for the monastic life and ordained a priest. To the 46 years he decided to return to Ireland to evangelize their inhabitants, remaining almost three decades until his death on 17 March of the year 461.

The Saint Patrick’s Day began as a religious celebration, back in the 17th century, under the name of Feast Day. In 1903, the Feast Day became a national holiday in Ireland and began to be known as St. Patrick’s day.

It is not until 1996, when it is celebrated the first big parade through the streets of Dublin, with the goal of exalting the historical and cultural values of this country, and attract the attention of the millions of Irish people living in different corners of the world.

The internationalization of the National Party of Ireland was due to the great famine of the 19th century, in which thousands of Irish people migrated to different countries of the world, leaving their homes in search of a better life.  The United States was the main recipient country; and more than 30 million Americans today have Irish ancestors.

Irish Shamrock and the green color

One of the great icons of Ireland is the three-leaf clover Irish Shamrock), being the great symbol of this festivity. The reason for the importance of the clover can be found  in Saint Patrick himself, using it to explain with its three leaves the existence of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

On the other hand, the use of the green color goes back to the Irish Rebellion of 1798, when the Irish soldiers adopted this color in their fight against the British, who were dressed in red; until that time, the color associated with Saint Patrick’s Day was blue.

The beer day

Originally, St. Patrick’s Day or Feast Day, was a Catholic and family celebration, so much so that, until a few decades ago, many taverns and pubs used to close on this date.

It was during the years 80, when an advertising campaign of a well-known brand of beer  began to associate the St. Patrick’s Day to the large power consumption of this drink.

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