Running: Better at the beach

The number of running fans has been increasing in a systematic way from a few years ago; a very healthy practice which favors to our daily well-being.

An increasingly alternative is to move our training routine to other environments; the most common tend to be the beach areas, and in the area of the Spanish Levante we have many and fantastic.

Our coast allows us to enjoy all the benefits of running at the most comforting environment; with the freshness of the breeze and the sound of the waves.

Many of you have already turned your habits and routines; combining beach and asphalt, entertainment and sport, wellness and fitness. For those who still have not done it, here we have more than reasons to begin:

Why do running on the beach?

  • Because you will make a qualitative leap in resistance.
  • our joints will thank you, because on this surface it do not suffer in the same way as on asphalt.
  • It offers different training options, tempo run, through sprints; along the shore, on the dry sand or water at different levels.
  • Higher fat-burning and caloric expenditure than the train on hard surface.
  • Better balance and stability.
  • You get a smoother skin, indirectly the sand becomes a natural exfoliant.
  • Improves your breathing, moving in a cleaner and natural environment.

If you make of the beach your training place at Chiringuitos del Sol we offer you the most refreshing drinks for your breaks or at the end of your session, in the best environment to replenish forces as well as you spend a pleasant time; because sport, entertainment and society have never been so close. Ultimately, variants that directly attack the monotony, at the same time that we replace the sacrifice by pleasure.