Chiringuitos del Sol begins its activity in January of 2006. It could have been possible thanks to the concession of 15 beach bars, of the Municipality of Orihuela, and the exploitation of loungers for rent in 11 beaches, in this area.


Our Integrated Gestion system is defined as: “Bar, and prepared meals and drinks service. Loungers, and relaxing elements for rent.


The management knows the importance of developing a care-environment activity. The reason is to prevent pollution and damage to our employees, so we can save our environment. This is how we do it.


  • Cooking meals, using the highest quality ingredients, and following the Health legislation everytime.
  • Preparing carefully the drinks, and the decoration of our cocktails.
  • The extremely protection, cleaning, and maintenance of our facilities and their surroundings.
  • A special Infrastructure and equipment adapted to the development of our activity.
  • We choose carefully the relaxing furnished, so our clients can enjoy the best quality time at the beach.
  • We are constantly training our kitchen team, about hygienic and sanitary terms. We also take courses that help us to improve the quality service and the attention to our customers.
  • To train, diffusing and rising the concern about the environment quality, to all our customers and employees.
  • The continuity and the rising of the activity, that must help the economic development of the company.
  • We always work, accomplishing the current legislation. We do this, in quality and environmental management terms. Furthermore, we respect the voluntary programs with public agencies or customers.
  • Promoving these terms to our suppliers or subcontractors, and customers. We want to minimize the environmental impact and the damages, in the terms of safety and health, of our employees.
  • We mark objectives, goals, and quality programs. We also do it in environment and safety programs. The company assures the accomplishment, defining leaders, deadlines, and resources allocated.
  • Finally, we establish all the necessary actions, to avoid the repeat of nonconformities, chasing the continuous improvement of our company.


We must also add, the strict accomplishment of ISO 9001:2015 y 14001:2015 y UNE 167013:2017 norms. We accept the, in all its management procedures of our facilities. This has to be, due to our intention of the continuous improvement of our working system at Chiringuitos del Sol.



Thomas W. Herteux

General Manger