Most of our company policies are based on sustainability and environmental preservation, as required by the needs of our surroundings. There is a very solid connection between Chiringuitos del Sol and Orihuela beaches, thanks to our strong commitment towards maintaining this wonderful coastline over the years. All this is evidenced by our 2015 “Beach bar against climate change”  national award and the “Responsible beach bar” certification in 2013. Both accolades were granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Biodiversity Foundation.

These distinctions are just an example of the number of actions undertaken by our company throughout the years. We were the first company within our industry to achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for environmental excellence. These certifications are proof of our good ongoing quality management practices and our balance between profitability and reducing our impact on the environment, respectively.

Likewise, we regularly carry out events to promote awareness of the maintenance and preservation of Orihuela’s coastline. During 2016, we have joined Frigo and Orihuela city council to develop the “Our beach is in your hands” campaign, whereby we shall spread out a number of clean beach advisors throughout the Orihuela Coast.


Please, follow the beach access signs

Please keep distance.

Please use hydroalcoholic gel, we have it at your disposal.

Please wait for a sanitized table.

Please wait for sanitized sun longers. Follow staff indications

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