In view of the misleading and inaccurate information offered by the representatives of the City Hall of Orihuela, regarding the concession for the exploitation of public spaces on the Orihuela beaches; CHIRINGUITOS DEL SOL wants to point out all those discussed items and inform, so exact and concrete, to the citizens of Orihuela, the users of the beaches and the Town Hall from Orihuela, about the following issues:

1.- Dated 12 June 2014, it was decided the awarding of the contract for the grant of the private use of the maritime-terrestrial public domain for the exploitation of the season services of the T.M. of Orihuela in favor of the mercantile CHIRINGUITOS DEL SOL, S.L.

2.- The contract stipulated a duration that is computed according to the seasons of exploitation and ending in November 2017.

3.- The contract stipulated, including possible extensions agreed between the parties, a maximum duration until November 2020.

4.- Under the contract, in November 2017, was ceased the activity in all beach bars, except two that remained open because it was demanded by the Orihuela Town Hall, which is why we were never required to leave the public service.

5.- The day 12 of December of 2017, CHIRINGUITOS DEL SOL received a written notification on behalf of the department of beaches in which we were required ,without delay, to present the program of activities planned from February to June 2018.

6.- Since that time, this company started to develop the plan of activities and events, hiring different services, providers and, above all, employees, in order to be able to continue providing the same quality care on the beaches of Orihuela

7.- Chiringuitos del Sol, in compliance with the request of the Town Hall and once all organized, presented on record the Program of Activities ,reporting in addition to the improvements that had been made and that could be carried out in the public space that was the subject of  concession.

8.- It was Chiringuitos del Sol, given the passivity of the Town Hall in connection with the extension or possible irregular situation of the contract, which presented a brief denouncing this circumstance and, once the City Hall had requested us to begin the activities, applied for an extension in the signed contract with the local corporation.

9.- As a result of this request, when the company had already hired several activities, events and much staff, the City Council required us to suspend the Service, recognizing that it was pending the resolution of our request for extension previously referred to.

10.- Following this petition, CHIRINGUITOS DEL SOL presented a few days later a formal letter explaining to the Council that this company argues that the public service in the beaches of Orihuela is of general interest, over and above any type of particular interest or political and, therefore, has the obligation to continue providing the service up to the convening of a new public tender and is awarded a new contract. This remains the position of this company in the interest of the citizens of Orihuela.

11.- Surprisingly, without Having received the above-mentioned written response, the Procurement Department sent the local police to seal the 11 beach bars and leaving the area out of service.

12.- The citizens and authorities should be aware that, to date, the company has not received any notification on the request for an extension presented to the City Council, which has not replied to any of our writings.

13.- Currently Chiringuitos del Sol hasn´t the possibility to restore the service until our request for extension is resolved, or the City Council  takes any decision in writing about the contract for the provision of the service on Orihuela coast, as we have requested.

14.- This situation causes that we may not be able to make a decision about what to do with our subcontractors, suppliers and employees.

15.- This week we will reiterate our requests to the Town Hall since the situation is causing a state of defenselessness to all parties involved in this public service.

16.- The will of this company is look for a solution, within the law, so that the citizens of Orihuela and the thousands of tourists who visit Orihuela Coast during the summer, can benefit from the beaches services which they’re entitled to.

17.- In no case the Company nor its managers shall carry out any action that could prevent the citizens have at their disposal the services on the beaches of Orihuela; sevices which they are entitled to and those for which they pay taxes.

18.- In addition, those manifestations and informations that only aim to discredit this company or its directors, shall be reported to the appropriate authority, demanding the restitution for damage they can cause

19.- Finally, Chiringuitos del Sol is going to require the payment of all damages that are causing the Company, including the cost of workers during the suspension of the activity. We are also going to claim all those responsibilities, both administrative and criminal, in which may have incurred the responsibles of the Town Hall, those who have provoked this situation.