chiringuitos del sol playa en invierno relax, cura antiestres en la zenia

The beach: natural remedy for stress

If you are one of those who can’t keep up with the frantic pace of large cities, who wakes up wondering when they’ll be able to go back to bed or who gets home after an exhausting day looking like a character from The Walking Dead, we have the best remedy for you: a quick trip to the beach.

Facts don’t lie. Being close to the sea reduces cortisol levels, a hormone released in response to stress, and this is good enough a reason for you to love the beach even more.  Find out the reasons why the beach is the best natural remedy for your problems:


  • It gets rid of stress. Salt water and sea breeze increase the levels of the so-called happy hormones. Whether you enjoy going for a walk on your own or you prefer spending your Sunday with the family, a quick trip to the beach will be just right.
  • It makes creativity flow. If you have spent weeks wondering how to make that project move forward, take a quick trip to the beach, your brain will relax and you’ll be able to concentrate much better. The sound of the waves will help you make up your mind and see everything crystal clear.
  • It helps you breathe better. The level of humidity of the sea breeze acts like an iodine spray which is great to regulate the thyroid gland. Can you think of a better remedy to combat typical autumn colds?


If that’s not enough, we have the perfect cocktail for you to get a good rest: enjoy the beach with a beer and some tapas with your loved ones at Chiringuitos del Sol. If you feel you can’t leave your daily routine behind, come and visit us and we’ll take care of the rest.  So, don’t forget that if you’re stressed out, it’s because you want to…