Kolted, live music every Sunday at La Caleta

kolted en concierto

We’ve been waiting all year for this moment to come: Kolted concerts on the beach! It’s no wonder! This duet has managed to become very famous in the Orihuela Coast and has created an absolute fan phenomenon among the people living in the area.

Since the purpose of Chiringuitos del Sol is that you enjoy yourself, and we already know that it’s #BetterAtTheBeach, we bring you their music to the beach. You’ll be able to enjoy Kolted every Sunday at 1:30pm at La Caleta beach (Cabo Roig). A two-hour concert to cherish the best music by the sea with a mojito, a beer or whatever you may fancy.  And you can do so with your friends or family, since everybody likes this band’s music which lifts up everyone’s spirit.

Listening to Kolted always means listening to the best international rock covers. And not only Rock. Also Pop, Indie and even Heavy Metal. Performances full of energy where Che and Ali give their best with their guitars. That’s why it’s not surprising to see that they have become a well-known band in the Southern coast of Spain with great fans, especially among the foreign community.

The band got on stage for the first time on 2012. Both members had already been part of other bands such as The Monos and Suzy’s Field for years. An experience present in their performances since they know how to entertain a heterogeneous audience aiming to have a good time at the beach listening to live music, and leave them dumbstruck.

Have you not been to a Kolted concert yet? What are you waiting for! Kolted and Chiringuitos del Sol will be waiting for you every Sunday at 1:30pm to enjoy two hours of the best music at La Caleta. Are you going to let it pass you by?