It’s also autumn at the beach

We´re at the start of this new season of the year singing the famous Spanish song that says something like “Grab your hat and put it on, let’s go to the beach where the sun is warm…” In autumn? – you’ll wonder. Yes, in autumn. Because at the Orihuela Coast coming to the end of the summer doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the beach.  

The beach is the perfect destination for those who value peacefulness, mild temperatures and water sports, and who wish to enjoy the benefits the setting brings to our health. The beach is a natural first-aid kit taking care of our physical and mental health. That’s why we’re giving you some reasons why going to the beach is a must this season:

– Cool sea water at the beach in autumn provides your body and mind with lots of benefits.

– The healthy sea breeze increases serotonin levels. Known as the “happy hormone”, it can positively influence our mood. And you’ll keep your respiratory system healthy thanks to the sea air.

– Take a walk on the sand by the seashore and this gentle exercise will help you keep fit and relaxed. Wetting your feet will have an invigorating effect and will reactivate your circulation.  

– Your skin will benefit from your visit to the beach, since iodine in seawater and the sea breeze improve skin problems.

– The sound of the waves helps you relax and keep calm. Also, the high magnesium content of water helps reduce anxiety. Beaches offer peacefulness favouring concentration and promoting creativity.

If you think autumn means not going to the beach anymore, you’re wrong! Summer is never over with Chiringuitos del Sol.