Do you like running on the beach? These are the pros and cons

All those who love peaceful beaches, listening to the waves breaking and getting away while
looking into the horizon are in luck. The autumn season is starting at the beach and it brings
about the possibility of enjoying great little pleasures without it being too warm or crowded.
One of them is running on the sand without feeling you are the main character in an action
film where you have to avoid anybody who might come your way. But, is really running on
the sand good for you?
Taking your training sessions to your favourite beach can be a great choice. Walking on the
sand is really good to stimulate blood circulation, burn calories and strengthen your muscles.
Does the same happen when we run? This is an activity where intensity and resistance are
key factors. When we bury our feet in the sand we force the body to work at a higher level.
The humidity of the beach, low pressure and temperature help our organism to be able to
receive more oxygen, improving our breathing. And what about the therapeutic and relaxing
power of the sound of the waves?
However, running on the sand has some cons too. It has an irregular and sloping surface, so
the body is forced to move asymmetrically, with higher risk of injury which increases for
those having had some kind of accident in the past.
Finally, we recommend that you run wearing trainers and on the wet sand which is firmer,
that you keep yourself hydrated and protect your skin using sunscreen. Going for a swim
after your training session can be your best motivation. Are you ready?