Our beaches are the ideal place to enjoy long walks along the seashore regardless of which season it is of the year. Walking with your feet on the sand is a very relaxing exercise that show very beneficial effects for your health, do you want to know which they are?

1-When walking along the beach, you burn twice the calories as normal and tone your muscles more than walking on any other surface. You will notice this especially in the ankles, calves and legs because they will be strengthened.

2- Walking through the sand is perfect  to stimulate the cardiovascular system, it improves your blood flow having direct effects on the circulation and therefore in oxygenation.

3- You will reduce the risk of suffering osteoporosis. Walking, in general, increases bone density, but this effect is  multiplied on the beach because of the exposure to the sun that helps the body synthesize more vitamin D, which is essential for calcium to be fixed in our bones.

4– Walking on the beach shows benefits that our nervous system notice and therefor prevents problems such as depression, stress, anxiety or insomnia. The sound of the waves, the fresh air and the peaceful surroundings invite you to relax, it gives you vitality and it takes away your worries. Walking on the beach regulary is an excellent recipe to maintain that bond with nature, a bond that these days is very necessary in these times dominated by the rushes.

Therefore we encourage you to perform this healthy practice and enjoy all the advantages that is offered to your body for walking by the seashore, and of course, you can always make a stop at our beach bars to recover strength and enjoy our snacks , tapas, meals or just a soda or cocktail.