This week has begun the third campaign to clean the beaches of Orihuela under the motto Beach Lovers. This initiative is organized by the company Chiringuitos del Sol with the support of Ice Cream Frigo (from the Unilever group). The action, which is part of the environmental program of the company, serves to raise awareness among local people and tourists about the impact of waste generation on the coast and to give them useful advice on reducing them. The aim is the coast recovers its initial state after the large number of visits it receives during the summer tourist season.

The most important novelty of this year is that people who voluntarily participate in this collection of cigarette butts and garbage on the beaches of Orihuela will receive one of the 2,000 Guides of Environmental Advice for the Care of the Beaches, published by Chiringuitos del Sol, directed mainly to young people to raise awareness of environmental values and to become involved in the conservation of the coast. The brochure is designed with a casual style, close to young people, and it transmits very graphic messages, easy to apply.

More than 40,000 butts a year

The Beach Lovers campaign has been remarkably successful in previous editions. Last year more than 40,000 butts were collected with a very innovative participatory system: Duly trained and identified environmental agents visit the beaches of Orihuela during these days; They set up an information tent in which volunteers are given a latex glove and a plastic cone. All people who collaborate and return the container full of butts collected in the sand, get as a prize an ice cream or a free drink, to which this year is added the environmental gift guide.

Schedule planned for this year:

Calabosque (La Zenia) August 17th and 18th

La Caleta (Cabo Roig) August 19th and 20th

Cala Capitán (Cabo Roig) August 21st y 22nd

Punta Prima August 23rd y 24th

La Glea (Campoamor) August 25th and 26th