#Better at the beach: 5 things are much better at the beach

Enjoy the family

After a whole year between work, duties, fast foods, feeling tired  during the weekend, being able to be with loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere, is wonderful! The beach is the perfect place to hold long conversations, catch up, playing on the seashore or jump waves together. Enjoy the company of the family without obligation or haste.


Who has not fallen asleep for a nap on the beach? It doesn’t matter if we got up late and we have not made any effort. Resting on the beach relaxes so much that ……. But do remember that you must protect yourself from the sun if you do not want to wake up Burnt by the Sun.


Be honest! It is not the same eating anything in the office or at home in front of the tv, that to do so with your feet in the sand and looking out to sea. And this serves for any meal of the day: Breakfast with coffee and some toast in front of the sea allows us to start the day breathing in peace. When it’s lunch time, what better that to go directly from the sea to the chiringuito for a beer, sangria or yummy tapas? It is a luxury! And in the evening, take a mojito while enjoying the sea breeze under the stars is something that no one can resist.


During the year the days are short and we’re going in a hurry, when at the end of the day we take a book, we fall asleep on the second page. At the beach time doesn´t exist and reading a book in the sand is a pleasure. Summer is the perfect time to devour all of these novels that we have pending.

Connecting with nature

A few times during the year we have the opportunity to enjoy nature in its essence. The beach allows you to be outdoors doing many more things than sunbathing: build castles in the sand with children, flying a kite, get to know flora and fauna in the Sea, collect shells, view the sunset or tell the stars at night. Nature is there, in it´s pure state, so that you enjoy it.

Doing sport

Despite being on vacation, keep fit is a must. On the beach you can swim, jog along the shore, do kite surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, volleyball, windsurfing… if you prefer something less intense, there are activities such as zumba or yoga which are organized in some beaches.


Or simply doing nothing

Holidays are for resting, leaving the mind blank, under the sun and next to the sea, without thinking of anything else.

Are you still not convinced? Believe me! everything is better at the beach!