The summer has already say good bye until next year but this does not mean that we have to say goodbye to the sea and the beach, but quite the opposite. The Orihuela coast has enviable temperatures almost all year round and autumn is also a good time to enjoy the beach.

Do you want to know 3 reasons why you should come to the beach in the fall?

1- With the arrival of autumn the sea water is refreshed and bathing on the beach can be very beneficial for your health. When the body is exposed to cold water, it immediately benefits from better blood flow. In addition, cold water is an ally against cellulite and helps to achieve a special softness in the skin.

That the sun lows its intensity in autumn is also beneficial for the practice of sports. If you like the feel of sand on your feet and the noise of the sea in the background while you set your body in motion, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the beach and practice sports such as volleyball, yoga, running, beach soccer and the most complete of all: swimming; When immersing the body in water, it only weighs a tenth of what is habitual so the joints are released. The feeling of effort is less and resistance to water strengthens muscles.

2. Many people suffer from stress and anxiety and the sea is a natural medicine to combat them. If your work or personal problems overwhelm you, do not hesitate to make a beach break. The sound of the waves causes a sensation of relaxation and tranquility. In addition to this, the high magnesium content of water helps to reduce those feelings of nervousness.

They say there is nothing better than a walk by the seashore to disconnect the mind from problems and stress. The beach in autumn is the perfect setting to connect with nature, whether by long walks, lying on the sand, listening to music, looking at the horizon or enjoying the sunrise.

3. On the coast of Orihuela you can find our chiringuitos, offering you by the beach the most delicious cocktails and appetizers, a great variety of tapas, pizzas, salads, sandwiches and much more. Being able to breakfast at beach in the autumn, take a snack a half morning, some beers in the afternoon or have a meal at any time of day is priceless.

The end of summer in Spain does not have to mean the farewell of the beach time. There are many physical and mental advantages that our body can get with regular contact with the sea in any season of the year and if you are planning to make a break, do not forget to visit us!